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Adequately protection of intangible assets is becoming increasingly important, both for the relationship with consumers and against third-party competitors and, unfortunately, potential infringers.

Among these intangible assets are trademarks, which, given the value and importance they can have for the success of a product in the market, must be adequately protected.

On this topic, Gilberto Macias, head of our Alicante office, gave a presentation on the importance of protecting trademarks, on November 10, 2020, in the subject “Value-generating events in the creation, management and communication of relational brands” organized by the Official Master’s Degree in Event Organisation, Protocol and Institutional Relations, of the Mediterranean Instituto for Protocol studies, associated centre to Miguel Hernandez University.

The relevance that should be given to a trademark, from its creation, before to apply for and register it, was highlighted during the presentation, as well as the measures to be taken into account for proper management and defence after its registration. The practical examples that were presented were the subject of an interesting debate among all the attendees, in person and online, resulting in a very enriching activity.

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